February 2008 . The Fibber is dead . At the very least he is on life support. So why tease you by having bits and pieces of it left? Why not chuck the whole lot , and leave the space for others to do with as they please? To help you of course.

If this domain name would fall by the wayside, rest assured that within seconds some unscrupulous domain scavenger would grab it and set up one of those annoying indexing sites. You know the type: you click on it and are offered just a whole bunch of useless links. At least here you can rummage through the web attic , snicker here and there, and waste a bit more of your life without buying something utterly frivolous and ozone depleting . In other words, its all for the environment ... and to let you know about a neet Halifax based Web design company as well as a rather nifty Nova Scotia Webdesign firm . You see, Google demands its tribute and has , hereby, gotten it.



  title cat  

the evil catThis special Fibber investigation into the machinations of the most evil cat this universe has ever encountered is ongoing . View the amassed evidence here.



With a bit of luck (read fastidiousness and dedication) ) this will be a regularly updated feature at the Fibber. Think of it as a comic book that you can't read in the bathtub, as an homage to Wilhelm Busch ,or as an utter waste of time. Alternatively, you might want to forget about thinking of it at all . Click on the picture to get started.

To run it , you will need the Flash plug-in . Now turn up your volume and click on the picture to your left: a few of the pages have hidden links. .



As another service to his readers, the Fibber will use this space to showcase some of the modern masterpieces of audio fiction. Click on the picture to your left to start the mp3 download. If all goes well, your computer will magically load the work into one of the Media players that you have installed. If nothing happens, you are on your own.

This month's work: "746 7220: A Phone Call to my Mother" by Frank Streicher. Some have called it a modern masterpiece of minimalism. Others have argued, that, although the content appears to be an example of tragic expressionism at its best, in actuality it owes more to the do-do istique school, and should, therefore, be viewed not as a concept, but as a "Ding an sich" , a thing in itself. (Please note the amount of commas in the last sentence)




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